JLY Women's Trousers

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Although it took a long time, trousers did not enter women's clothing, they are still irreplaceable today.
It has become a part. Pleated, plaid, carrot legs, tube legs, jeans and fabrics.
Incorporating the design, JLY, with its trousers as in every product it produces,
trying to reveal its beauty and difference.
You can combine your JLY production trousers with various sweaters for sporty and daily elegance.
you can catch. If you want to make a more masculine choice for your business life, shirts and
You can easily catch office elegance with cropped jackets.

Trousers Models

The trousers consist of tufted fabrics as well as many different models. as a JLY
The meticulousness we show while choosing the fabrics of the trousers also applies while designing our models.
we show. As a brand, our goal in each of our designs is to make quality and original works.
We believe that you can find the model you want in the collections you create.
From summer trousers to baggy trousers, from high waisted trousers to joggers and plaid
It is possible to reach remarkable designs in today's fashion, from trousers to trousers.

Wide leg trousers

Oversize clothing, which is a popular clothing style of recent times, is also widely used in trousers designs.
we see. As JLY, we try to go beyond the designs we see frequently and these products
And we decided to show it.
Instead of limiting the wide-leg trousers fashion to jeans and fabric trousers,
We combined it with fabrics such as plaid, polyester and tencel. You can easily share our designs with t-shirts and accidents.
You can easily wear your daily style by wearing it, office elegance with shirts, and night elegance with crops.
you can catch.

Loose pants combinations

Although it may seem difficult to combine loose trousers, it is not that difficult. Usually only long
When combined correctly, which is thought to suit tall people, on the contrary, even the short length is tall.
can show. If you have excess weight that you are uncomfortable with, it is also a good choice to hide them.
it could be.
Loose high waist trousers, if you prefer to wear them daily, can be combined with light heels and cropped tops.
You can choose to wear If you want night chic, choose a higher heel and shiny fabric.
You can combine it with blouses or thin strap blouses. For office elegance, it is the same as your trousers.
you can choose a colored blouse or sweater and you can enhance your look with a contrasting color jacket.
you can complete.

Pile trousers

Pile leg trousers models that suit every woman and body type, various colors and of course different
Our designs are presented to your liking. As JLY, our carefully selected fabrics
Attract attention with our quality and softness, different designs. In every woman's closet
One of the must-have trousers models, tube-legged trousers “I wonder what's going on every morning.
shall I wear?" It is a trousers model that will suit every top you wear without thinking. pipe trotter
When you take a look at our trouser designs, you will definitely find your indispensable trousers.

Plaid pants

Plaid fabric, which dates back to before Christ, still has its place in fashion today.
has not lost. As JLY, we also use the nobility and elegance of plaid in trouser fabrics. 
We chose to use From plaid rock wear to office elegance, from daily wear to catwalks,
attracts attention with its difference that appeals to the segment. With our plaid trousers we designed, you too
Are you ready to attract attention and reveal your style?

Carrot-legged trousers 

Carrot trousers are indispensable for autumn and winter months with their various colors and classic looks.
becomes. As JLY, the carrot trousers we produce in a quality that will shape the fashion will be your wardrobe.
It will be one of the indispensable parts. As in autumn and winter, of course, summer and first
Carrot trousers, which we produce in colors suitable for the spring months, can be worn with your boots in winter and in summer. 
You will catch the elegance by combining it comfortably with sandals and slippers.


Jeans, which have become fashionable every season and are the basic part of the wardrobe, are of course also for women.
It has become his biggest choice and star piece. In invitations, at night, in daily or office
We recreated the jean style that we see on the floor. Sneakers, stilettos or sandals
Choose the jean that suits you best and complete the combination. Light or dark, torn or narrow cut, high
Waist or loose cut, appealing to every woman, with the designs we call "This Is You",
You don't need to search any further to find jeans. JLY has the perfect jeans.


Fabric trousers, which form the basis of office elegance and masculine elegance, are of course for every woman.
one of the pieces that must be a beach. Every part of us is where we make our claim.
We continue this in fabric trousers. The fabric we see every season
The moment you see our trousers, which are of different quality and design than trousers, this is exactly me.
You will say accordingly. Your elegance will dazzle with JLY quality.

baggy pants

Salwar pants, which are indispensable parts of bohemian style, are a sportive elegance in every season.
It's a salvage piece. Preferred by every woman as it has a more authentic feel.
Even if it is not done, women who get used to the comfort of baggy pants do not give up easily.
The most important thing in salwar pants is the quality and casting of the fabric. The salwar suit we produce as JLY
There is no doubt that trousers meet both of these criteria. Bohemian style is just for me
If you say according to you, JLY says, "It's Just You".

high waist pants

High waist trousers are indispensable parts of the wardrobe, regardless of the fabric.
has taken its place in our lives. High waist trousers, depending on whether they are tight or loose cut,
can be combined in different ways. It can be easily used even in invitations, daily use and office elegance.
High waist trousers that can be combined with JLY quality will mark your destination.
Your hitting will be inevitable.

jogger pants

Jogger pants, which have become the rising trend of recent times, are also available in JLY with many color options.
is meeting with you. Standing out with their comfortable, stylish and cool looks, jogger trousers models are
It becomes a favorite of the season. The jogger that draws attention with its high elastic waist and pocket details
trousers make sporty elegance eye-catching. For these pieces that are easy to combine, you can either crop or
Suspended t-shirts and sneakers will be enough to complete the street style and will make you say "This is You".

Summer trousers models

Light and cool fabrics are preferred in summer. Therefore, in summer, wide-leg trousers, jogger trousers, linen trousers are preferred. In summer, they prefer loose-leg trousers, and we can achieve elegance by making a more daily combination with lace blouses and sneakers. Jogger pants can also be sporty with cropped t-shirts and sneakers. You can choose our linen trousers for invitations or special evenings, and you can also draw your attention to stylish embroidered or glittery blouses and light-heeled sandals.