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Collection: Blouse/ blouse models

The blouse models designed by JLY with the motto "This Is You", which includes many models including low sleeves, straps and sleeveless, draw attention by being in fashion every season. Our blouse models, which have many color options and contain different details; You can think of it as a star piece that will help you complete your combinations, both for sporty and daily use, and for an elegant and stylish dinner. You can easily combine it with jeans, fabric trousers or pencil skirts for all seasons and catch the fashion. 

lace blouse 

Lace for women has always been attractive and liberating. We, as JLY, combined two pieces of redemption to design those pieces that every woman should have in her closet. Our lace blouses will add sparkle to your combinations with their comfortable use and stylish stance. With our blouses made of satin-textured fabric with thin straps and elegant lace details on the neckline, the jeans you wear will look more elegant and you will catch the elegant beauty that looks like you haven't tried much. You can easily combine it at work or in your daily life.

double breasted blouse 

As JLY, we combined the double-breasted cut, which we see in almost every season, in every style of clothing, and which suits women very well, with our stylish blouses. You can choose these blouses for a stylish low-cut with wider shoulders and neckline depth. For an elegant evening, you can be the most stylish woman of the night with high heels, an elegant necklace and earrings, and you can continue this elegance by completing it with flats or sneakers in your business life. You can take advantage of our various fabric and color options and add one of these savior stylish pieces to your closet.

velvet blouse

Velvet blouses, which are always preferred for both daily use and special events, have taken their place among the indispensable parts of every autumn and winter season. When JLY's exclusive designer blouse models combine with the splendor of velvet fabric, they become an indispensable part of wardrobes. You can complement the velvet blouses with JLY's striking designer trousers, stylish heeled shoes and a long coat and be the star of the night.

strappy blouse

Strap blouses, which are indispensable parts of every season, are of course also the fashion of this year. The attention will be on you with brand new blouses designed with different designs and fabrics that you can find at JLY. You can wear it inside a nice jacket, shabby shirt or cardigan in autumn and winter, or complete your look with denim shorts or jeans in spring and summer. For evening elegance, you can complete your combinations by wearing only one high-heeled shoe. JLY strappy blouses are the ideal choice for you to create a stylish and effortless attention-grabber.

evening blouse

Evening blouses are usually made of assertive materials such as shiny glittery fabrics, velvet fabrics and satin, which is the most fashionable fabric of this year. It is among the savior pieces on platforms such as cocktails, weddings or invitations that you will attend. Wearing crop evening blouses with wide-leg high waist trousers and designer high-heeled shoes allows you to spend the night both comfortably and stylishly. You can easily complement long evening blouses with fabric trousers and pencil skirts. In order to add elegance to your elegance, you should visit JLY for the perfect pieces that will make you say to yourself "This is You" when you wear them.

Comfy and stylish blouses

If you ask where can I find a comfortable and stylish blouse or what fabric it should be; The answer is that the most comfortable blouse is the one you are comfortable in. But if you say which is the easiest in terms of use, then the answer will be any blouse with cotton content. Even if you say both easy and stylish, you should prefer chiffon blouses. Blouses have been indispensable for every season, so wearing different designs is the choice of every woman. Our brand JLY is exactly what you want with its different models and quality fabrics. If you want to combine both stylish and comfortable blouses with trousers, shirts, shorts by throwing them into your basket and want to be different from everyone else, JLY - is just for you with the motto "This is Just You".