Shipping policy

As Just Like You, we provide shipping all over Turkey. Cargo shipping fee for whole Turkey is fixed 12 TL.


Your order is delivered to the UPS Cargo branch within 2 business days. In order for you to track where your cargo is, your cargo tracking number is sent to you by SMS. With your cargo tracking number, you can track your cargo on our website or on the  UPS Cargo Shipment Status Inquiry screen.

The branch to which your address is linked will deliver the product to you within 1-4 working days. If we are at your address, your cargo will return to your branch and will be held for 2 days for you to receive it. If you do not receive your cargo from the branch, it is returned to us as return cargo.



Do you send cargo all over Turkey?

Yeah. Wherever you are in Turkey, we provide cargo delivery to your address.


In how many days will my order reach me?

If you are within the borders of Turkey, your order will be in your hands within 1-4 business days. Since this timing may vary depending on the transportation of your settlement and logistics company to that region, JUST LIKE YOU undertakes to send it within 10 working days at the latest.

Regarding undelivered return cargoes;

The buyer has undertaken to cover the shipping costs (round-trip) in cases such as the cargo that has been sent out to be delivered to you is not received, or the received product is requested to be returned due to reasons originating from the buyer. In such cases, the shipping cost is covered by the buyer.